Marketing automation
and predictive technology

Get immediate support and on-going management for integrating new real-time Buyer Personas, leverage high-performance keywords in your content, create highly personalized responses and automate insights to devise almost instantaneous lead nurturing paths

Simple and straightforward on-boarding process.

Submit an enquiry, from a specific need right up to full guidance.

Optimised pricing. On-demand.

A dedicated account manager will promptly send you all the information about our solutions and on how to get easily started.

An efficient approach for:

1. Integrating predictive software
and setting it up in marketing automation platforms: Marketo, Eloqua, salesforce or Hubspot.


2. Parametrization of predictive demand generation models:
Model types definition, data sources pulling, data organization and quality control, predictive conversions outcomes.


3. Implementing intelligent campaigns and analytics:
hyper-targetting, look-alike modeling, predictive lead scoring, messaging sequence, pain points/value propositions.


4. Executing on-going daily operations,
performance reporting and scalability process.


We take on all tasks that need
day-to-day involvement, immediate response and/or specific tech skills, including:

Configuring Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, Hubspot for AI tools deployment

Buyer Persona and Segmentations data configuration

Chatbots and Email campaigns flow automation

Basic model building

Factory model configuration

Model management

Customer datasets patterns identification

Data-gathering and data-cleansing analysis

Lead scoring and predictive lead scoring implementation

Nurturing flow automation: planning and configuration

CRM data integration

Creating data segments for new opportunities automating queries and lists pulls

Deploying multichannel campaigns tracking and analytics

Evaluating goals and KPIs

Providing simple to complex data and campaign analysis / reports.

In-Tactic ™ on-boarding

Indispensable Tactical, Technical, Analytical Tasks

time to value


  • Agile Scope of Work.
  • Fair and competitive pricing and transparent budget control.
  • Quick set up for resources.
  • Fast first time-to-value and frequent milestone programming.




  • Two-team member project involvement.
  • Immediate junior analysts assignment: For data and automation projects.
  • Flexible senior analysts assignment and multiple projects continuity.
  • Rapid scalation process.




  • Swift client internal processes adoption.
  • Technical operations development for clients’ platform customized features.
  • On-demand project advancement and performance meetings.

Collaborating on highly specific needs for:

You grow as we go

¨You manage Marketo, but it is more than that, you manage our Marketo.¨

Marketing Automation Analyst

¨It is like one of our team working with us because I know your deliverables are exactly how we would have done it.¨

Marketing Operations Manager

We are Marketing Operators